Art has always been a huge passion of mine through school, then I went on to study Fine arts at university, specialising in sculpture and installation. I was lucky enough to spend one year studying in Milan where I studied traditional painting and video art. I moved to Melbourne from England at the start of 2018 to pursue my dream of being an artist, the lifestyle here offers a lot more freedom to concentrate on growing your own passion. It took me some time to discover my own style, or what kind of work felt good and aligned with me, as I didn't do much drawing or painting at uni I still hadn’t discovered my style yet.

I am a very practical person who learns through doing, so I started to draw and explore what worked and what didn’t. Then I slowly began selling my drawings, drawings then shifted gradually into paintings. Working with paint is a real journey,I feel as though I am still very much exploring how to work with it, how to find myself through paint.  It's a never ending journey of growth, failure and perseverance and confidence, I am just at the beginning. For me, making work is an emotional portal, and outlet to express what words can not. I cant think about other things when i paint, I’m just there, with the brush and canvas wondering where it will take me. I deliberately aim not to pre plan much of my work so I can freely explore my ideas that come to me and not be too restricted with pre conceived ideas.

I now live and work in the sunny land of Noosa in QLD, it's important for me to be immersed in nature to keep myself balanced and inspired.